Donna Stringer, RN BSN, Quality Improvement Director, Ontario County Public Health

  • 3 Years of Service

Donna Stringer joined the Ontario County Public Health Department (OCPHD) as part of a succession plan for the retirement of the Director of Quality Improvement (QI). She served as the department's Rabies Coordinator until October 2017 when she assumed the QI Director role. In this role she is the coordinator of the Multijurisdictional (MJD) Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) application which involved six counties of the S2AY Rural Health Network. Ontario County was the lead organization for the PHAB submission and Donna was key to keeping the six counties on track for submission dates as well as implementing OPCHD's annual QI Plan. Throughout the effort, she ensured consistent and coordinated communication with the PHAB Specialist, the coordinators from the five other counties and during the PHAB site visit. The S2AY Rural Health Network is still waiting to hear whether they achieved accreditation, regardless, Donna's efforts deserve to be recognized.