Healthy Neighborhoods Team, Tompkins County Health Department

Cyndy Howe, Keyboard Specialist; Patricia Jebbett, Public Health Sanitarian; Maya Puleo, HNP Education Coordinator

Not Pictured: Samantha Hillson, Director of Health Promotion

The Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) team visited hundreds of homes during the grant cycle that began in April 2014 and runs through March 2019. Through door-to-door outreach, they have approached thousands of homes to raise awareness about the program. The team worked together to transition to a new electronic form management system in 2017 and is using portable tablets to enter data about each home visit. Patricia Jebbett and Maya Puleo conduct home visits with residents throughout Tompkins County and collaborate with partner agencies to make referrals that will further address issues affecting the health of residents. The team provides important information and free products that improve indoor air quality and fire safety and reduce personal injury and hospitalizations due to asthma. We thank the HNP team for their dedication and commitment to making Tompkins County homes healthier and safer.