Shomita S. Steiner, PhD, Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Director, Cattaraugus County Health Department

  • 3 Years of Service

Shomita Steiner PhD, Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Director, has an advanced degree in microbiology and has been an asset to the Emergency Preparedness Program for Cattaraugus County. She has been instrumental in interdepartmental and community collaborations. Dr. Steiner has been able to involve medical providers, community-based organizations, and the Seneca Nation of Indians in all the department's required preparedness exercises. She is well respected among her colleagues and the community at large. In addition to her collaboration talents, Dr. Steiner plays an integral role on the following committees: Re-Accreditation, Strategic Planning, Community Health Assessment, Community Health Improvement Plan, Annual Report, Health Promotions, and Performance Management and Quality Improvement. She is the ideal public health worker and Cattaraugus County is proud to have her on their team.