Dr. Christopher Ryan, Medical Director, Broome County Health Department

  • 12 Years of Service

The title of Medical Director does not capture all that Dr. Ryan does for the Broome County Health Department and the community. His background as a medical doctor, epidemiologist, and statistician are extremely helpful, however it is his curiosity and can-do attitude which have been instrumental in conducting health department COVID-19 operations. There are few medical directors that would be found creating computer programs to streamline COVID-19 case auto-assigning or constantly updating a reference manual for case investigators. Additionally, Dr. Ryan has been instrumental in streamlining communications between the health department, hospitals and the NYSDOH Virtual Call Center. In addition to leading the case investigation operations, Dr. Ryan has been involved in all aspects of Broome County testing and vaccination activities. He created a “RedCap” registration and reporting project, plus he led early testing initiatives including strategizing the use of a county-owned public transit bus as a mobile testing site. Beyond COVID-19 work, Dr. Ryan is the epitome of a public health professional and protects the health of our community every day.