Infection Control

Infection control is an essential component of any health care delivery. Infection control measures can be as simple as hand washing and as sophisticated as high-level disinfection of surgical instruments. Implementing these measures can prevent transmission of disease in health care settings and the community.

Infection control is a key concept in achieving the New York State Department of Health mission to protect and promote the health of New Yorkers through prevention, science and the assurance of quality health care delivery.

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Alerts, Advisories and Press Releases

Alerts and advisories are distributed to notify practitioners of the emergence of atypical pathogens, important changes in management of disease, or in the event of outbreaks of community or health care facility illness. This information can assist infection control practitioners and other health care providers in monitoring, identifying and controlling an outbreak.

Prevention and Control Guidelines

The NYSDOH, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other organizations have established guidelines to prevent the transmission of disease. This page contains the most current guidelines and recommendations, reporting requirements, and contact information for New York State Department of Health regulated facilities and other health care practices.

Health Care Provider Infection Control Training

In August 1992, legislation was passed establishing a requirement that certain health care professionals must receive training on infection control and barrier precautions every four years upon renewal of their license. Certain professionals can apply to become providers of infection control training. In August 2008, legislation was passed requiring certain changes be made to the training curriculum, the training process, and those requiring training.

Reporting Requirements

This section outlines the communicable disease reporting responsibilities of NYS-regulated (Article 28) and non-regulated facilities and providers.

Educational Materials

The NYSDOH, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other organizations have developed numerous educational materials for NYSDOH regulated facilities and other health care providers. Such materials can be used to teach infection control measures to health care personnel and the public to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

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