Pre-Hospital Care Provider Student Reference Guide Updates

As of May 2012, the Student Reference Guide will no longer be updated.
Instructors may utilize any portion of the Guide that is pertinent under the current Education Standards.


Welcome to the New York State Emergency medical Services System. This manual is intended to assist you in the certification process as a Pre-Hospital care Provider in New York State. This manual is designed in modular form to serve all levels of providers and as a constant reference guide to use throughout your career as a Pre-Hospital Care provider in New York State.

The first module will address the Certified First Responder (CFR), and the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B). Later publications will include modules for Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) levels, and Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic (EMT-P). Add these modules to this manual as you progress in your career.

A listing of classroom and practical skill objectives one must reach to become eligible for certification as a CFR or EMT-B are included in the manual. The New York State Practical Skills and Written Certification Examinations are based on these objectives. In your first class you should receive additional material from your Certified Instructor Coordinator (CIC) with regard to policies and procedures specific to your course and the course sponsor. Please use this as a study aid during your training program and as a reference source during your EMS career.

In addition to the course objectives and skill practice sheets the manual includes:

  • Articles 30 and 30a of the Public Health Law
  • Part 800 of Title 10 New York Codes Rules and Regulations the Emergency Medical Services Code
  • Excerpts from the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law as it applies to Emergency Medical Services operation.

The manual also contains Functional Job Descriptions that provide information about the duties and expectations of the CFR and EMT-B. Included as well is a variety of information that will be helpful to you in the certification process and throughout your career.

You are encouraged to work closely with your CIC to ensure that you understand all of the course objectives and have practiced the required skills. It is important that you record in this manual your Course Number, Student ID Number and Examination Date. This information will be necessary if you need to contact the Bureau of EMS. If you have questions or if we may be of assistance, please contact your New York State EMS Area Office Representative. A listing of the area offices and the representatives is provided in this manual.

We at the Bureau of EMS wish you success in this endeavor and hope you have a rewarding career as a Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care Provider.

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