09-09 Commissioner's Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State

Letter to Chief Executive Officer
Number 09-09
Date August 17, 2009
Subject Commissioner's Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State
Replaces/Supercedes New

Dear Chief Executive Officer:

Several months ago, Commissioner Richard Daines launched the "Prevention Agenda for the Healthiest State". This important initiative aims to improve the health of all New Yorkers. In response to this call for action, hospitals and local health departments have joined forces to select Prevention Agenda priorities and to implement new strategies to integrate traditional medical services with public health interventions.

The Department of Health is very encouraged by the response it has received to the Prevention Agenda challenge. Throughout our state, hospitals are working in coordination with county health departments to develop their Community Service Plans. And, local health departments are formulating their Community Health Assessments in concert with area hospitals.

As you know, your facility's comprehensive three-year Community Service Plan (CSP) is due on September 15, 2009. The CSP should reflect your facility's collaborative planning efforts with your local health department and with community partners. Additionally, the CSP should state Prevention agenda goals and explain the strategies that will address the selected health priorities. Hospitals may also include public health planning initiatives that are non-Prevention Agenda priorities in their CSPs.

To assist your hospital in preparing the CSP, attached please find a suggested outline (Attachment A) that provides the format you should use to prepare your report. We encourage you to use the headings and sub-headings that are bolded in the outline to organize your report. Use of this outline will also help to ensure that all required components of the CSP are included in your hospital's submission.

In addition, Attachment B explains the method to submit the CSP electronically, using the Health Provider Network (HPN). The HPN coordinator in your hospital will need to grant access to both the HPN and the Community Service Plan Submission page within the HPN, to designated person(s), who are responsible for submitting the CSP. Instructions for the HPN coordinator are available in Attachment B. The designated person can then perform the submission of the CSP using the instructions in Attachment C. For technical issues regarding HPN log-on or submission issues, call the Commerce Helpdesk at 518-473-1809 for assistance.

Please contact Charles Bonsu of the Division of Certification and Surveillance at 518-402-1003 or cxb06@health.state.ny.us, if you have any questions or require additional information.

Thank you again for you cooperation.


Mary Ellen Hennessy
Division of Certification and Surveillance