Dear Chief Executive Officer: New Disclosure Requirements for Hospitals and Extension Clinics (Surprise Bills Law)

February 2, 2016

Dear Chief Executive Officer:

A letter dated March 16, 2015 was disseminated to general hospitals in New York State informing them of new obligations under Section 24 of the Public Health Law to disclose, via the hospital's website, to patients or prospective patients the health plan networks that your hospital and extension clinics participate in. This requirement, which is referred to as the "Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills" law, commonly referred to as the "Surprise Bills Law"" went into effect on March 31, 2015 and is available through the following link:

The Department of Health is evaluating compliance with the Law. Attached is a list of requirements you must post on your hospital's website. It is important to note that the posted material must be prominent on your hospital's website. In addition, please include a copy of your policy and procedure for providing the required educational materials to patients in advance of non-emergency admissions, and copies of the materials provided.

To assist this effort, please complete and email the above referenced documentation with the subject line titled "Surprise Bills Law" to Please submit this information within 30 business days from the date of this letter. Failure to comply with this request may result in a citation. If you have any questions, please contact (518) 402-1003


Ruth Leslie
Division of Hospitals and Diagnostic & Treatment Centers