Instructions for Submitting 2016 - 2018 Local Health Department CHA-CHIP and Hospital CSP Documents

(October 3, 2016)

The 2016-2018 CHA-CHIP and CSP documents should be submitted online by local health departments (LHDs) and hospitals using Lotus Quickr on the Health Commerce System (HCS).

  • We encourage you to update your HCS account, or contact your HCS coordinator if you do not have an HCS account. You should also update the email address in the communication directory on HCS.
  • Lotus Quickr on HCS has a feature that allows for multiple attachments.
  • File size limit: Your files need to be less than 5 MB to be uploaded. If they are larger than this size, please compress the files using WinZip or a similar application. You can also break up the documents into smaller files to upload.
  • Submissions are due December 30, 2016.
  • Schedule H is to be emailed separately to

Logging into HCS

  1. Step 1: Using Google Chrome (preferred browser), sign into the Health Commerce System (HCS).
  2. Step 2: Copy or type the following link into your browser.

    You will now be in Office of Public Health Practice > Community Health Planning > 2016.

  3. Step 3: From the list of counties,select the appropriate county for your organization.
    • For hospital systems only: If the document represents the efforts of more than one hospital in more than one county, please upload the report in the county folder that is the primary service area of your organization. Please include the complete list of counties and organizations represented in the "Description" box (see Step 7) before clicking the submit button.
  4. Step 4: After clicking on a county, select the option for which you want to submit your plan. If your plan is a:
    • Combined hospital and LHD plan: Select Combined Hospital CSP and LHD CHA-CHIP
    • Hospital plan: Select Hospital CSP
    • LHD plan: Select LHD CHA-CHIP

Uploading Plans

  1. Step 5: To upload, select New and then from the drop-down menu, select Upload.
  2. Step 6: You are now ready to attach your submissions. Click on Choose File.Search for the file on your computer to be submitted and click on the file. You may either double-click on the file you want to submit, or click on the file and then click Submit. The filename will then appear in the box labeled Name on the Upload File box.
    • Note: If you have multiple documents to upload, be sure they have the hospital or health department name as part of the file name. For example, if your organization name is 'HospitalA' and your file name is 'csp' then a suggested file name for a Word document is: 'HospitalA_csp.doc'.
    • Under Name, you will see the path and filename appear in the box.
  3. Step 7: If you are submitting documents for a hospital system that includes multiple hospitals, please list the hospital names and counties in the Description field and any additional remarks, notes, etc.
  4. Step 8: At the bottom, click the blue box Save and Check In.Please ignore Send Notification as we will be notified of submissions.

Congratulations! You have now completed your 2016-2018 submission. Exit from the submission screen to close out of HCS.

For questions about the submission process, please contact: