Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System - ECLRS

HIV/AIDS Reporting

All laboratories holding permits to conduct HIV testing for NYS residents or providers are required to report reportable confidential HIV-related test results, including patient demographic and provider information, to the NYS Department of Health. Laboratories work with the Bureau of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology to institute the procedures necessary to report electronically utilizing the ECLRS system. Submitting lab data through the ECLRS system may allow commercial and hospital laboratories to utilize a single source of entry for all their laboratory reporting.

  • Interested laboratories should send an E-mail to the address located at the bottom of the ECLRS Home Page with contact information.

HIV/AIDS Reporting Requirements

In accordance with 10 NYCRR Part 63 revised regulations and the emergency regulatory amendment, effective June 1, 2005 clinical laboratories are required to report to the NYSDOH the following results with complete patient identifiers and address:

  1. Confirmed positive HIV antibody tests1;
  2. Positive HIV detection tests (culture, P24 antigen);
  3. All HIV nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) detection tests (qualitative and quantitative), including tests on individual specimens for confirmation of NAAT screening;
  4. All CD4 lymphocyte counts and percentages, unless known to be ordered for a condition other than HIV illness;
  5. HIV subtype and antiviral resistance testing in a format designated by the Commissioner. This reporting requirement can be met with the electronic submission of the protease and reverse transcriptase nucleotide sequence determined through genotypic resistance testing.

Electronic reporting of all laboratory results is mandatory as of July 2008. All HIV related reporting, including New York City, is directly to the New York State Department of Health. For questions regarding HIV reporting please call (518) 474-4284.

1Residuals from confirmed positive HIV antibody test specimens should be submitted to Wadsworth Laboratories for HIV incidence surveillance. Please contact the HIV Incidence Coordinator at (518) 474-4284 in the Bureau of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology to arrange for specimen transfer to the Wadsworth Center.

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