New York State Transplant Council

NYS Public Health Law (PHL) §4361 created the Transplant Council for the purpose of advising and making recommendations to the Commissioner of Health on matters related to organ donation, procurement organizations, banks and storage facilities and other matters related to donation, procurement, allocation, distribution and transportation of organs and tissues. Specifically, the Council is directed to review federal law, regulation and policies, including those of the federal Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, and make recommendations to the Commissioner regarding state regulation of organ procurement organizations and banks and tissue procurement activities and transplantation.

The membership, appointment, frequency of meetings and rules for determination of a meeting quorum of the NYS Transplant Council are also delineated in PHL §4361.

The statute identifies that the Council shall consist of twenty-one members, seven of which, including the Chairperson, to be appointed by the Governor, seven by the Senate and seven by the Assembly. Members are composed of members of the public with expertise in donation, transplant recipients or donors or their families, representatives of organ procurement organizations, banks or storage facilities, physicians with expertise in organ and tissue transplantation and care of people with end stage organ disease resulting in organ failure and persons with expertise in histocompatibility typing, law and ethics.

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