The Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities (TRAID) Program

Program Goal

To help persons with disabilities to obtain needed assistive technology services and devices.


Services are available to individuals of all ages with disabilities, their family members, service providers, employers, educators, and others who are interested in disability issues or assistive technology.


The TRAID Program supports a system that responds to the individual needs of people with disabilities who need assistive technology.

The TRAID Program helps people learn about, obtain, and be able to use assistive technology services and devices which meet their needs. TRAID is federally funded and administered by the NYS Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (CQCAPD).

New York State residents can call the agency's toll-free telephone number (see next page) for information on many disability-related subjects, including assistive technology. The professionals who staff the information and referral line have access to:

  • TRAID-IN Equipment Exchange Service: a matching service for people wanting to list technology equipment to buy, sell or donate to others. This service is available through the CQCAPD website (see below).
  • TRAID staff are knowledgeable about the policies and procedures of available programs and funding sources for assistive technology.

The Program funds twelve Regional TRAID Centers that offer local assistive technology-related information and referral, product demonstrations, device loans and advocacy and awareness services. These centers also operate an assistive technology device lending service for infants and toddlers and their families funded by the New York State Health Department's Early Intervention Program. TRAID also receives funds from the NYSDOH Money Follow the Person (MFP) program to purchase devices for loan to people who want to leave institutions and live independently in their communities.

For More Information

Call or contact to locate the nearest Regional TRAID Center. Materials are offered in Spanish, Braille, and large print and on diskette as well as audio cassette.

TRAID Program
401 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12305
Phone: (800) 624-4143 (Voice/TTY/Spanish)
(518) 388-2877(Voice/TTY)
(518) 388-2890 (FAX)

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