Coverage & Eligibility - Status

SPA Number Description Original Submission and Date Approved Submission and Date
SPA 12–05 Case Management Services Target Group M – First–time Mothers/Newborn Original Submission: March 20, 2012 Approved: September 6, 2012
SPA 12–06 Medically Needy Income Levels Original Submission: March 30, 2012 Approved: June 26, 2012
SPA 12–12 Family Planning Benefit Program as a State Plan Service Original Submission: December 27, 2012 Approved: December 16, 2013
SPA 12–17 Eliminate the expanded definition of "estate" and define the term "estate" to include all real and personal property and other assets within an individual´s estate and passing under the terms of a valid will or by intestacy. Original Submission: June 28, 2012 Approved: September 20, 2012

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The proposed State Plan Amendments are not final and are subject to further revisions which may not be reflected on this website prior to final approval and inclusion in the State Plan.