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DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database Search
Users can search for spill incidents and sites that have been or are being cleaned up under one of NYS DEC's remedial programs.

Data type:Descriptive
Timeframe:Historical, Updated nightly
Geographic Coverage:NYS, DEC Region, County/City/Street
Strengths:Descriptive information about health and environmental issues associated with hazardous waste and brownfields sites. User friendly, can search by site, geographic area or specific DEC program areas. A Glossary of Hazardous Waste Sites Database Terms is provided.
Limitations:The amount of information about possible environmental exposures or associated health risks varies. Descriptions about spill incidents do not include information regarding health risks or exposures.

National Priorities List (NPL) Sites in New York
Provides listing of national priority hazardous waste sites in the U.S. Users can search by state, choose sites from an interactive map or from a list of sites. Information includes site description, details about contaminants, cleanup activities and progress and where information about the site is on file.

Data type:Descriptive
Timeframe:Historical, dates of last listing are provided.
Geographic Coverage:U.S., State, site specific
Strengths:Information about environmental hazards and potential exposures associated with hazardous waste sites. User friendly, users can access to information in a variety of ways. Listings are linked to the Federal Register.
Limitations:The amount of information about possible environmental exposures varies.

Public Health Assessments and Health Consultations for Sites in New York State – Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
Users can search and download Public Health Assessments (PHAs) and Health Consultations (HCs) that address public health issues for sites on the National Priorities List. PHAs and HCs examine hazardous substances, exposures, health outcomes and community concerns at a hazardous waste site to determine whether people could be harmed by contact with those substances. PHAs also list actions that need to be taken to protect public health.

Data type:Descriptive
Timeframe:Historical—documents reflect a specific study period and are not updated
Geographic Coverage:U.S., State, site specific
Strengths:Good evaluations of possible environmental exposures associated with particular waste sites. PHAs and HCs are also linked to other federal data sets such as EPA's Envirofacts and National Priorities List.
Limitations:Information is site specific and may not reflect nearby environmental conditions or exposures depending on whether or not chemicals move off site. Documents may not represent present day conditions.