Environmental Public Health Tracking

Exploring Connections Between Environment and Health

New York's Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) Program focuses on tracking environmental and health patterns and trends. Tracking helps us understand how hazards in the environment, exposures, and diseases change over time or across regions. Environmental Public Health Tracking is a national program led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to share data and analyze trends in environmental health across the nation. It is intended to provide better public access to environmental health information and support research, programs and policies that may help protect our communities.

Learn more about tracking and view environmental, health and other data useful to exploring connections between the environment and human health.

Environmental and Health Data

Includes New York State and national data.

Air, water, hazardous waste, radon, pesticides
Cancer, birth outcomes, asthma, and more
Measured concentrations of chemicals in people's bodies (e.g. blood lead levels)
Demographics and Property
Data that describe people – such as age, race and sex – and real property
Personal Choices
People's behavior or lifestyle choices