New York State Poison Control Network - Annual Report on 2001 Data

Management Of The Societal Impact Of Poisoning

Inhalant Awareness Programs

STUDENT PROGRAM – Reintroduces the concept of poison prevention and focuses specifically on poisons in their environment including inhalants. Topics include recognition of inhalants, short and long term effects, sudden sniffers death and how to help a friend who is using inhalants.

PARENT PROGRAM – This program educates parents and other adults about common household products being abused by children. This program teaches the who, what, why and when of inhalant use, including signs and symptoms, short and long term effects, sudden sniffers death, and what to do if you find your child using an inhalant.

Collaboration With Community Groups

Poison control centers collaborate with the following community groups:

  • BOCES Head Start
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Mayor's Anti-Grafitti Task Force
  • Head Start Programs
  • Schools of Pharmacy
  • Safe Kids
  • Child Care Councils
  • School Nurses
  • Department of Environmental Services
  • Cooperative Extension
  • The WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Program
  • New York City Public Library NOAH
  • Bronx Health Link
  • National Center for Health Education
  • American Red Cross
  • Public Libraries
  • Local Fire Departments
  • Literacy Partners

Poison Prevention Week

National poison prevention week is recognized during the third full week in March. Centers conduct special activities throughout the month.

2001 Highlights

  • Activated Charcoal Educational Campaign
  • Poster, Essay and Coloring Contests
  • Special News Releases, Public Service Announcements and Proclamations programs
  • Chain and Neighborhood Pharmacy literature distribution and advertisement programs
  • Inhalant Educational Program
  • Addition of Drug Information Service at Long Island Poison and Drug Information Center
  • Presentations and information tables at multiple WIC sites
  • Lead Conference
  • Presentations and information tables for New York City libraries