Table 4b Live Births by Financial Coverage and Mother's Race/Ethnicity - Births Recorded Outside NYC

 Total2 NumberTotal PercentRace1/Ethnicity
White NumberWhite PercentBlack NumberBlack PercentOther NumberOther Percent  Hispanic3 NumberHispanic Percent
All Births126,717100.096,166100.012,665100.017,761100.018,248100.0
Primary Financial Coverage*
Medicaid/Fam Health +37,72629.822,68923.66,43350.88,59848.411,20261.4
Private Insurance76,74160.664,29566.95,05939.97,37641.55,36429.4
Self Pay2,4882.01,5851.63062.45813.36583.6
Indian Health Service850.1110.000.0740.410.0
Child Health Plus B1,8961.51,4031.52562.02371.32211.2
Other Insurance3,7853.02,9353.13512.84972.84032.2
Not Stated2,3671.91,9732.11100.91941.12321.3

* Reporting differences exist between NYC and Non-NYC for the variable "Financial Coverage". In this table, Financial Coverage by race/ethnicty is limited to Non-NYC recorded births and NYS residents. The total number of NYS births is t he sum of the totals reported in Tables 4b and 4c.

1 Race variable is coded differently for births recorded in NYS Exclusive of NYC and births recorded in NYC. For this table, "White Alone" is pooled with "White" and "Black Alone" is pooled with "Black". See the Technical Notes for deta ils.

2 Total Births includes births with race= "Not Stated".

3 Hispanic is a separate count equal to Hispanic White + Hispanic Black + Hispanic Other + Hispanic Race Not Stated.