Table 5b: Live Births by Financial Coverage* and Mother's Age - Births Recorded Outside NYC

 Mother’s Age
 Total<1515-1718-1920-2425-2930-3435-3940-4445 +N.S.
All Births126,7171232,5736,04924,59032,21335,43320,8404,60325637
Primary Financial Coverage
Medicaid/Fam Health +37,726771,5263,84013,8469,8405,3642,571628268
Private Insurance76,741367711,5557,92119,42627,00716,3223,49220011
Self Pay2,4886962057396184462858544
Indian Health Service850514322371300
Child Health Plus B1,8961751505934693671845430
Other Insurance3,7852611265219171,205760183100
Not Stated2,367020622814597606211371314

* Reporting differences exist between NYC and Non-NYC for this variable. In this table,  financial coverage results by mother’s age are limited to Non-NYC recorded births and  NYS residents. The total number of NYS births is the sum of the totals reported in Tables 5b and 5c.