Table 34b : Deaths from Five Leading Causes of Death by Age and Race(1)/Ethnicity - Exclusive of New York City

Total(2)       White
AgeCauseCount AgeCauseCount
Total(4)All Causes95,212 Total(4)All Causes87,535
 Diseases of the Heart29,501  Diseases of the Heart27,513
 Malignant Neoplasms22,824  Malignant Neoplasms20,990
 CLRD5,187  CLRD4,956
 Cerebrovascular Disease4,904  Cerebrovascular Disease4,495
 Accidents3,118  Accidents2,832
< 1All Causes758 < 1All Causes490
 Cond Orig in the Perinatal Period397  Cond Orig in the Perinatal Period234
 Congenital Anomalies160  Congenital Anomalies124
 Accidents18  Diseases of the Heart10
 Diseases of the Heart14  Accidents9
1 - 9All Causes206 1 - 9All Causes158
 Accidents50  Accidents40
 Malignant Neoplasms32  Malignant Neoplasms23
 Congenital Anomalies24  Congenital Anomalies20
 Homicide and Legal Intervention14  Diseases of the Heart9
 Diseases of the Heart13  Homicide and Legal Intervention8
10 - 19All Causes454 10 - 19All Causes357
 Accidents191  Accidents167
 Malignant Neoplasms48  Malignant Neoplasms45
 Suicide45  Suicide38
 Homicide and Legal Intervention38  Diseases of the Heart15
 Congenital Anomalies22  Congenital Anomalies15
20 - 24All Causes565 20 - 24All Causes448
 Accidents250  Accidents223
 Suicide84  Suicide73
 Homicide and Legal Intervention68  Homicide and Legal Intervention27
 Malignant Neoplasms31  Malignant Neoplasms24
 Diseases of the Heart20  Diseases of the Heart15
25 - 44All Causes3,380 25 - 44All Causes2,660
 Malignant Neoplasms670  Accidents581
 Accidents668  Malignant Neoplasms545
 Diseases of the Heart491  Diseases of the Heart395
 Suicide284  Suicide250
 Homicide and Legal Intervention131  Cirrhosis of Liver49
45 - 64All Causes15,119 45 - 64All Causes12,994
 Malignant Neoplasms5,666  Malignant Neoplasms4,992
 Diseases of the Heart3,419  Diseases of the Heart2,906
 Accidents662  Accidents589
 CLRD557  CLRD521
 Cerebrovascular Disease468  Cerebrovascular Disease380
65+All Causes74,684 65+All Causes70,393
 Diseases of the Heart25,508  Diseases of the Heart24,147
 Malignant Neoplasms16,370  Malignant Neoplasms15,354
 CLRD4,581  CLRD4,401
 Cerebrovascular Disease4,357  Cerebrovascular Disease4,058
 Pneumonia2,450  Pneumonia2,321
Black       Hispanic(3)
AgeCauseCount AgeCauseCount
Total(4)All Causes5,949 Total(4)All Causes2,078
 Diseases of the Heart1,575  Diseases of the Heart491
 Malignant Neoplasms1,398  Malignant Neoplasms456
 Cerebrovascular Disease308  Accidents159
 Diabetes Mellitus229  Cerebrovascular Disease85
 Accidents188  Diabetes Mellitus69
< 1All Causes197 < 1All Causes112
 Cond Orig in the Perinatal Period123  Cond Orig in the Perinatal Period56
 Congenital Anomalies22  Congenital Anomalies27
 Accidents7  Pneumonia2
 Septicemia5  Septicemia1
 .  Hypertension1
 .  Gastritis, Enteritis, et al1
 .  Nephritis, Neph Syndrome et al1
 .  Accidents1
1 - 9All Causes40 1 - 9All Causes18
 Accidents9  Accidents4
 Malignant Neoplasms6  Homicide and Legal Intervention4
 Homicide and Legal Intervention6  Malignant Neoplasms2
 Congenital Anomalies4  Diseases of the Heart2
 Septicemia3  Septicemia1
 Diseases of the Heart3  Pneumonia1
 .  Congenital Anomalies1
10 - 19All Causes78 10 - 19All Causes47
 Homicide and Legal Intervention28  Accidents20
 Accidents16  Malignant Neoplasms9
 Congenital Anomalies6  Homicide and Legal Intervention4
 AIDS5  Suicide3
 Diseases of the Heart4  Congenital Anomalies2
20 - 24All Causes88 20 - 24All Causes49
 Homicide and Legal Intervention36  Accidents22
 Accidents16  Homicide and Legal Intervention13
 Suicide7  AIDS2
 Malignant Neoplasms5  Malignant Neoplasms2
 Diseases of the Heart5  Suicide2
25 - 44All Causes534 25 - 44All Causes276
 Diseases of the Heart80  Accidents70
 Malignant Neoplasms79  Malignant Neoplasms59
 Homicide and Legal Intervention76  Diseases of the Heart22
 Accidents52  AIDS16
 AIDS40  Suicide14
45 - 64All Causes1,719 45 - 64All Causes494
 Malignant Neoplasms532  Malignant Neoplasms142
 Diseases of the Heart425  Diseases of the Heart96
 AIDS72  Accidents34
 Diabetes Mellitus71  Diabetes Mellitus22
 Cerebrovascular Disease68  Cerebrovascular Disease22
65+All Causes3,287 65+All Causes1,078
 Diseases of the Heart1,055  Diseases of the Heart369
 Malignant Neoplasms775  Malignant Neoplasms242
 Cerebrovascular Disease222  Cerebrovascular Disease58
 Diabetes Mellitus149  Diabetes Mellitus43
 CLRD133  Pneumonia39

(1) Race coding based on 2000 Census categories: White Alone, Black Alone, Other, Not Stated.

(2) Total Deaths = White Alone + Black Alone + Other + Not Stated

(3) Hispanic is a separate count equal to Hispanic White Alone+ Hispanic Black Alone + Hispanic Other + Hispanic Race Not Stated

(4) Total includes records with Age Not Stated.