Refugee Health Program


The New York State Department of Health's Refugee Health Program is responsible for administering health assessments for eligible refugees and newcomers to New York State ( (excluding New York City) within 90 days of arrival. The program has contracted providers across the state who complete health assessments and screenings for eligible arrivals. The refugee health assessment is designed to:

  • identify individuals with health conditions not observed during or developing after the overseas exam
  • initiate appropriate immunizations
  • ensure individuals with identified health conditions are referred to primary and specialty care
  • provide an orientation to the U.S. healthcare system and education on the availability and utilization of health services
  • individual health promotion and population health protection

In addition to health assessments, there are many other services and benefits that are available to eligible refugees and newcomers to New York State. The Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance administers other benefits, including: case management, employment and training services, English language trainings, medical and/or cash assistance, and transition to school programs. Health assessments for arrivals to New York City are also administered by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

Resettlement agencies across the state work with providers to ensure that new arrivals receive their health assessments.