New York State Hotlines and Social Media Based Outreach for English and Spanish Speakers

Funding supports the operation of a toll-free telephone hotline and social media outreach services to provide information, referrals, and support services to residents of NYS in both English and Spanish.

The overall goals are to:

  • Provide clear, accurate and science-based information;
  • Promote Drug User Health Services and provide referrals to Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs, Syringe Exchange and Expanded Syringe Access Programs (ESAP);
  • Promote LGBT Health and Wellness;
  • Facilitate access to early, high-quality medical care and essential support services; and
  • Facilitate access to behavioral and biomedical prevention services including HIV testing, STI and HCV screening, effective behavioral interventions, PEP, PrEP, and Treatment as Prevention referred to as Undetectable=Untransmittable, or U=U.


Nkechi Oguagha
Director, Office of Population Health and Prevention Programs
Division of HIV/STD/HCV Prevention
(212) 417-4707