NYS HIV/AIDS Hotlines (English and Spanish)

The New York State (NYS) HIV/AIDS Hotlines provide basic HIV, STD and Hepatitis C education, risk-reduction information and referrals.  The hotline services are available free of charge to the general public.

The AIDS Hotline (800-541-AIDS) and the HIV Counseling Hotline (800-872-2777) provide referrals to HIV-related services (including HIV test referrals), supportive counseling, and pre-recorded educational messages.  Hotline counselors answer basic questions about HIV/AIDS, STDs and Hepatitis C transmission, prevention, risk assessment, coping strategies and treatment information.  Referrals/linkages are also provided as appropriate.  The pre-recorded educational messages cover the topics of HIV/STD transmission, prevention, and risk reduction.  Free NYS Department of Health (DOH) literature is available for those callers requesting materials.

New York State also supports the SIDA Hotline (800-233-SIDA), the only statewide AIDS Spanish-speaking hotline.  SIDA provides culturally competent bilingual and monolingual (Spanish) HIV, STD and Hepatitis C health care and prevention information and referrals to Latinos residing in New York State. 


Bethsabet de León Stevens
Director, Bureau of Community Based Services
Division of HIV/STD/HCV Prevention Services
(518) 486-1412