New York State Condom Program (NYSCondom)


The AIDS Institute has provided free condoms and other safer sex materials to organizations serving sexually active New Yorkers with or at risk for HIV and STDs since 1983. The effort was enhanced in 2007 with the on-line New York State Condom Program (NYSCondom), accessible at After registering with NYSCondom, eligible organizations may request a wide variety of safer sex supplies, including several brands of male condoms, female condoms, personal lubricant, finger cots, and dental dams. These providers then distribute the condoms and other safer sex materials at no cost to their clients, patients, and others in the community.

Not-for-profit organizations, licensed health care facilities, and government entities are eligible to participate in NYSCondom. These community partners are then encouraged to develop or refine strategies for effective local condom distribution, as well as to promote condom use, safer sex, and sexual health education.

NYSCondom has had consistent growth since its inception.  In 2016, NYSCondom furnished over 9 million insertive condoms and over 190,000 receptive condoms to nearly 400 organizations at 561 different sites, including high school-based health clinics, family planning clinics, Designated AIDS Centers, hospitals, primary care clinics, local health departments, syringe exchange programs, and a range of other AIDS Institute-funded contractors.


Dora Swan
Coordinator, Sexual Health Unit, Bureau of Special Populations
Division of HIV/STD/HCV Prevention
(518) 402-6798