Caring for Children with Special Needs

Created by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services

Caring for Children with Special Needs is written for parents, foster parents and other caregivers raising infants, children and adolescents with HIV. This 293-page notebook is a resource manual that provides information and support for some of the day-to-day issues caregivers face.

To parents, foster parents, and other caregivers

Raising a child is a very rewarding and important job. However, it is not easy or simple, especially when your child has a life-long health condition like HIV. Please know that you and your family are not alone. Many families are living with HIV.

Even though there is no cure for HIV, medical care and treatments have come a long way. Hope for the future continues to grow as more and more treatments are approved. With love, support, and health care, children with HIV are living healthier and longer lives.

How did we do?

We would like you to give us a grade on Caring for Children with Special Needs so we will know if this information is helpful to you and your family. (The words "HIV" or "AIDS" does not appear on the outside of the report card.) To get a report card, print and fill out "How did we do?" (PDF, 41 KB, 1pg.).

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How to Use the Manual

To get the most out of the manual, it is best to read "How to Use the Manual". This tells how to find information and how graphics are used to highlight important information. Specific information for foster parents is located in Chapter 9, as well as throughout the manual.

Feel free to print and rearrange the pages to suit your needs.

Table of Contents

  1. HIV: The Basics (PDF, 97 KB, 18pg.)
  2. Keeping My Child Healthy (PDF, 188 KB, 34pg.)
  3. Eating Healthy Foods (PDF, 298 KB, 34pg.)
  4. Giving My Child Medicine (PDF, 134 KB, 22pg.)
  5. Living with HIV (PDF, 126 KB, 30pg.)
  6. About Mental Health (PDF, 67 KB, 12pg.)
  7. Taking Care of Myself and My Family (PDF, 143 KB, 14pg.)
  8. Helping My Adolescent Deal with HIV (PDF, 201 KB, 40pg.)
  9. Special Information for Foster Parents (PDF, 96 KB, 20pg.)
  10. Legal Issues (PDF, 70 KB, 14pg.)
  11. More Information
  12. Index (PDF, 41 KB, 6pg.)

To get a copy of the manual, Caring for Children with Special Needs, you must complete an order form. To receive an order form, New York State residents can call the New York State Department of Health at (518)474-9866. Non-residents can call Health Education Services at (518)439-7286.