Dental Resource Directory to Improve Access to Dental Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS


Good oral health and good dental care are important. There are many dentists in NYS that provide care for free or at low cost.

Dental Resource Directory

The Dental Resource Directory consists of the lists of dental clinics below. These lists are provided to make it easier for people living with HIV/AIDS to find dental clinics in their area and receive dental care. Please be aware that the lists provided are subject to change.

  1. Ryan White-funded Dental Clinics for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PDF)
  2. Dental Providers that accept Medicaid

Contact Information

To make an appointment for dental care, please review the lists and call the dental provider that you select directly.

If you have questions about ADAP, ADAP Plus, or the ADAP Plus dental providers, call the toll-free number: 1-800-542-2437.