HIV SNPs Health Plans

There are three HIV Special Needs Plans enrolling members in New York City. Each plan has its own group of doctors, providers and hospitals. If you want to join an HIV SNP, you can choose the one your current doctor is in, is closest to your home or has the services you need most. Plan Member Services numbers are included here so you can contact them to ask questions or get a provider list. Check the list to see which HIV SNPs are near you.

  1. Amida Care
    • Member Services Number: 1-800-556-0689
  2. MetroPlus Health Plan Partnership in Care
    • Member Services Number : 1-800-303-9626
  3. SelectHealth from VNS Health
    • Members Services Number 1-866-469-7774

If you decide to join an HIV SNP, you can call the HIV SNP's Member Services Department and tell them you would like to join their plan, or you can call New York Medicaid CHOICE at 1-800-505-5678. All calls are confidential.

Check this site for updates to plan list and service areas.

This Plan list reflects information as of the date listed below. Check with the Plan or New York Medicaid CHOICE for current Plan status.