Directory of ESAP Providers in New York State

Pharmacies, practitioners, and health care facilities that have been certified by the NYSDOH to sell or furnish new, sterile syringes through ESAP are listed by county and sorted in zip code order. Providers are encouraged to photocopy and share these listings with clients and customers to promote risk reduction. Safe disposal of residential sharps are encouraged to be photocopied and shared, as well. Please visit the New York State Safe Sharps Collection Program section.

To learn about:

  • Where to go to buy syringes in NYS,
  • How to use a syringe exchange program,
  • How and where you can dispose of used sharps in New York State
  • How to get tested for HIV, and
  • How to protect yourself and others from HIV.

Call the NYS HIV/AIDS Hotline at these numbers:

  • English 1-800-541-AIDS
  • Spanish 1-800-233-SIDA
  • Deaf/TDD 1-800-369-AIDS

Questions about the ESAP registration process should be directed to the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement at (518) 402-0707. For other program information, please contact the AIDS Institute at (212) 417-4770. Questions or comments may also be made via e-mail to:

ESAP Provider Listings