Case Management Standards

The standards required for case management processes are presented in this section. The definition and purpose of each process is presented first, followed by a chart stating the standard and time frame along with the criteria that will be used to determine if the standard has been met. Exceptions to the standard, best practices, and additional resources follow where relevant.

The processes of case management described here are:

  1. Brief intake/assessment process
  2. Selection of case management model and placement
  3. Brief Service plan
  4. Initial comprehensive assessment
  5. Initial comprehensive service plan development
  6. Service plan implementation, including client contact, monitoring and follow-up
  7. Reassessment
  8. Service plan update
  9. Case coordination and case conferencing
  10. Crisis intervention
  11. Case closure

The standards presented in this section, in addition to the Requirements for All Case Management Programs in Section 5 (Policies and Procedures, Caseloads, Staff Qualifications) comprise the AIDS Institute Case Management Standards. For a quick summary of both please refer to the AI Case Management Standards “At-A-Glance” chart in Section 7.