New York State AIDS Advisory Council

The New York State AIDS Advisory Council was created in 1983 by Public Health Law, Article 27-E, Section 2778. The AIDS Institute was also created by Article 27-E of the Public Health Law, Section 2276. The Council consists of 17 representatives from the public, educational and medical communities, local health departments and nonprofit organizations, including the advocacy and service community.

Current members

  • Marjorie J. Hill, Ph.D., Chairperson
  • Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Ph.D, Vice-Chair
  • Diane Arneth
  • Guillermo Chacón
  • Hon. Thomas K. Duane
  • C. Virginia Fields
  • Conrad Fischer, M.D.
  • Perry Junjulas
  • Jacquelyn Kilmer, Esq.
  • Teresita Rodriguez
  • Gloria Searson
  • Rodney Wright, M.D.
  • Wilfredo Morel
  • Charles King

Complete Membership List (PDF)