NYS HIV Advisory Body (HAB)


History and Background

The New York State HIV Advisory Body (HAB) is an integrated care and prevention advisory body to the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute (NYSDOH AI). In response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recommendations, HAB was constituted in April 2014. Prior to 2014 the NYSDOH AI had two longstanding advisory bodies, the NYS HIV Prevention Planning Group (PPG) and the Statewide AIDS Service Delivery Consortium (SASDC) which were combined to form the HAB.

The goal of the HAB is to implement a comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment planning body that provides an opportunity for integration, synergy, and efficiency in responding to jurisdictional needs and federal requirements. The HAB utilizes recommendations from the Governor’s Plan to End the Epidemic, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the NYS Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan to guide discussions and create strategies.

HIV Advisory Body (HAB)

The HAB mission is centered around providing recommendations and guidance on service needs, affected populations and emerging issues related to HIV prevention, health care and supportive services throughout New York State. The HAB serves as a planning body to identify and address prevention and health care needs and gaps of persons living with, or affected by HIV, with an emphasis on linkage, retention, and viral suppression.

Appointments to the HAB ensure broad and diverse representation throughout New York State. The HAB’s structure is comprised of four Co-Chairs: two Community Co-Chairs and two Governmental Co-Chairs. The Executive Committee and By-Laws Committee are charged with overall governance of the HAB. The HAB has three standing Committees that address HIV prevention, health care and supportive service needs. Each Committee reviews available epidemiological, evaluation, behavioral and social science, cost-effectiveness and needs assessment data to determine HIV needs and to make
recommendations about how these needs can best be met.

The Standing Committees are as follows:

  • Identifies cutting edge health care issues and prevention/intervention strategies and recommendations related to needs and gaps to maximize effective HIV prevention, supportive services and services coordination of programs across all of New York State sectors and populations with an emphasis on identification of new cases, rapid linkage to care, retention and viral suppression.
  • Identifies, examines and provides information and recommendations related to developing trends about HIV prevention, health care and supportive services throughout New York State, and monitor national trends and changes that impact NYS.
  • Identifies key populations and communities (statewide and regionally) disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS and makes recommendations to address health disparities and social determinants of health that impact their overall health and well-being.

HAB Membership Applications

Applications for membership are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applicants must either live or work in New York State. Individuals who work for groups, entities or organizations that provide HIV prevention, care and treatment or HIV related supportive services to clients are encouraged to apply. Individuals who are HIV+ are also encouraged to apply. All original applications must include a copy of your most recent resumé or a written statement about your involvement in HIV prevention, care and treatment.

Attachment A - Affirmation of Member Commitment

If appointed to the HAB, members must commit to attending meetintgs and to participating in the HAB process. Applicants must also obtain approval from their agency to attend meetings.

Attachment B - Letter of Recommendation

Applicants must also include a letter of recommendation and complete the HAB Member Commitment form. Attachments A & B and any question can be sent via email to: HAB@health.ny.gov

HAB Approved Letters and Educational Materials