Clean Up and Disposal

When mercury spills, it must be cleaned up quickly and completely to minimize exposure to toxic mercury vapors. Mercury's toxicity, persistence and widespread use make proper disposal and recycling essential. When mercury spills, don't spread it. NEVER use a vacuum cleaner, mop or broom to clean it up. Don’t walking through the spilled area. Take children and pets to another room. Leave all items (clothing, footwear, etc.) that came into contact with spilled mercury in the affected room and if possible, close the door to keep the vapor from spreading.

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If the amount of mercury spilled is more than the size of a green pea, you may need to ask a trained professional about cleanup options. If a mercury spill occurs, call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Spills Hotline at: (800) 457-7362 and refer to their mercury webpage.