Love Canal

Love Canal Follow-up Health Study

The New York State Department of Health follow-up health study examines long-term health effects among Love Canal residents. This study compares the health of Canal residents with the health of those who did not live near Love Canal. It also compares Canal residents to each other based upon their likelihood of exposure to chemicals from Love Canal. Newsletters keep participants and other interested persons informed about the study's progress.

Earlier Love Canal Documents

In August 1978, New York State Department of Health Commissioner Robert P. Whalen declared a public health emergency at the Love Canal hazardous waste landfill site. Since then, numerous health studies have been conducted and reports have been published.

Historical documents are generally not available in digital format for posting. However, some of the more important reports have been formatted and posted for your review.

Many health studies were conducted in the late 1970s and early 1980s to determine whether chemical exposures at Love Canal caused any immediate health effects. Each study, however, has limitations that may lead to inconclusive or contradictory results.