Dress to Repel!

  • "Dress to Repel!" is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 325 KB)

Use Insect Repellents Safely!

DON'T do this Stuff DO this Stuff
  1. Don't Spray Your Face!
  2. Don't Breathe Repellents!
  3. Don't Put it on Cuts, Sunburns or Rashes!
  4. Don't Put it on Little Kids' Hands!
  5. Don't Use it Under Clothes!
  1. Wear Light-Colored Clothing!(so you can see bugs and ticks and remove them)
  2. Follow the Directions!
  3. Spray only Outdoors!
  4. Wash off Repellent when you go Indoors!
  5. Wear a Long-Sleeved Shirt and Long Pants!
  6. Tuck Pants into Socks!