Part 16 Fee Schedule

Medical Modalities: radiography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography, angiography, stereotactic breast biopsy systems, and Grenz/orthovoltage therapy, utilized in humans.

Non-medical Modalities: radiography, fluoroscopy, analytical equipment (including electron microscopes, fluorescence analysis and x-ray diffraction equipment), computed tomography and particle accelerators, not utilized on humans.

Category State Inspected County or CRESO Inspected Number of Modalities
I $1,370 $425 5 or more Modalities
II $1,030 $320 3 or 4 Modalities
III $690 $210 2 Medical Modalities
IV $275 $85 1 Medical Modality with 750 or more exams per year
V $140 $45 1 Medical Modality with less than 750 exams per year OR any 1-2 Non-Medical Modalities
VI $75 $15 Dental, Podiatry and Veterinary Facilities