Radiation Producing (X-Ray) Equipment Registration

Quality Assurance and General Information

Image Gently Campaign

During the summer of 2010, to support the National Health Objective, an educational package of information was distributed to 16,000 physicians in New York State to raise awareness of opportunities to lower radiation doses in the imaging of children. The New York State Health Department's Center for Environmental Health provided an informational page for the New York doctors to distribute to their patients regarding CT Imaging and radiation in general, dosimetry cards for children specifically to monitor radiation dose over their childhood, and an easy to read return card for further distribution of material.

Fee Schedule

The full description of the fee schedule for registering X-ray equipment is described in 16.41 of Part 16 of the State Sanitary Code. The cost of registering equipment is a base cost of $50 per year plus an amount from the following table based on the number of modalities in operation at the installation site.

Guide for Radiation Safety/Quality Assurance Programs