Climate & Health Data & Research

Explore Climate & Health Data & Research

New York State scientists collect data and conduct research to better understand and characterize the health impacts from extreme weather events and a changing climate. Most of the published data and research available on the Environmental Public Health Tracker can be found at the links below.

Climate & Health Data

  • County Heat and Health Profile Reports are compilations of temperature trends and future projections, heat-related health effects, population and environmental vulnerability to heat and availability of adaptation resources. This information can help inform and supplement local efforts towards mitigating the impacts of extreme heat.
  • Heat Stress is a heat-related illness caused by extreme heat events associated with climate change. Heat-related illnesses occur when the body is unable to cool itself. Explore data on the percent of heat stress hospitalizations and emergency department visits in New York State due to heat.
  • Heat Vulnerability Index Maps identify areas in the state where people are vulnerable to heat. Heat vulnerability is how likely a person is to be injured or harmed during periods of hot weather.
  • Extreme Heat and Health in New York State is an interactive StoryMap that presents the latest research on extreme heat and impact on health in New York State.