List of Limited Review CON Schedules

This application is for those projects subject to a limited review pursuant to 10 NYCRR 710.1(c)(5)-(7). The Limited Review Application consists of a cover sheet and twelve (12) schedules - though not all of the schedules will need to be completed for a given project. The responses given on the cover sheet will determine which schedules to complete.

Some computers may experience a delay as these schedules open when the link is selected by "left click". If this occurs, DOH recommends a "right click" while the cursor is on the link, of the mouse, followed by selection of the "Save Target/Link As..." option on the menu.

Submit necessary schedules via the NYSE-CON

Limited Review Application Fees

Limited Review Applications for more than one type of project listed shall only submit a single fee, reflecting the higher of the applicable fees:

Type of LAR Normal Fee "Safety Net" Fee
Minor Construction $1,000 $500
Equipment $1,000 $500
Service Delivery $500 $250
Cardiac Services $500 $250
Relocation of Extension Clinic $1,000 $500
Part-Time Clinic $500 $250