Pre-Opening Survey

Documents for Certificate of Need

In our ongoing effort to improve the CON process and in response to feedback received from stakeholder input, the department, through the utilization of a continuous process improvement technique, has made several significant changes to our policy and procedure for surveying health care facilities.

While physical plant standards as defined in our regulations have not changed, we have new policies and procedures for scheduling a survey, preparing for a survey and survey close-out. These changes provide a clear and consistent standard and overall guidance for any project having physical environment, and/or clinical components that need the department's approval prior to opening. These and other changes to our CON process represent a fundamental rethinking of all policies and processes related to the CON process and ensure that the department, in consultation with stakeholders, continuously monitor our efficiency and effectiveness, with the goal of balancing the needs of the health care industry while adhering to our statutory requirements. This page provides detailed instructions for scheduling and preparing for a survey, guidance on the most common causes of project findings, addresses the most frequently asked questions relating to the survey process and provides contact information.