Technical Information About the Data Ready CON Schedules

The CON schedules are available on the DOH website as Word 2000 or Excel 2000 documents that allow data entry in specified fields.

Features of the Word 2000 schedules

  • The documents are "protected for forms", meaning that the only portion of the documents that accept data entry are those portions designated as form fields.
  • Blank shaded areas indicate data entry fields. If they are not visible as shaded areas, the "form field shading" option should be selected from the "forms" toolbar.
  • The tab key will move the curser from form field to form field.
  • Shading of form fields disappears when printed.
  • In most cases, if data entry exceeds the width of the form field, the filed will automatically expand by adding a row.
  • Most form fields should readily accept text. Charts, tables and graphics may not work well if embedded in form fields, and should be included as attachments where necessary.
  • Applicants will be responsible for keeping track of originals vs. filled in versions of the applications.
  • Where attachments are required, we ask that the applicant scan the attachment and send it as a PDF document. We ask that the title of the attachment and the name of the scanned file be coordinated, for example, attachment 1 of schedule 12 could be labeled "attachment 1 - Sched 12" and scanned as "attachment_1_Sched_12.pdf."
  • These documents should be backward compatible with Word 97.

Features of the Excel 2000 forms

  • Several of the more complex tables are included as spreadsheets rather than Word documents.
  • Spreadsheet contents are locked except for those fields where data is to be entered.
  • Some forms use formulas that automatically adjust values as data is entered. Theses are highlighted in yellow.
  • The spreadsheets are set up to print with appropriate print area, headers and footers.
  • Excel 2000 should be backward compatible with Excel 97.

To submit an electronic copy

Please send us a read-only version of the Word and Excel schedules and scanned attachments on a CD-R or floppy, with a cover letter indicating it contains the same information as your signed printed application. (Most CON applications will be too large for a floppy disk)

This submission will be in addition to the legally required signed original and 8 printed copies.

This will greatly assist us in attaining one of our goals, which is a CON application which can be submitted as an electronic document. It will also assist us in processing your application, since read only Word documents can be put directly on our server and will be available to our reviewers as electronic documents.

Version Control and Pagination

The date in the lower right corner of the data ready CON has starting date of 12/31/2003. Subsequent updates will carry later dates. The schedule number and part letter are displayed in the upper right header and in the center of the footer. The page number of the part is displayed in the lower right of the footer. As data is added, the footer will repaginate as the document expands. The cover sheet with contents for each schedule has "cover" in place of a page number.

In a few cases, headers and footers are modified or reduced to gain space on specific pages.

The applicant should not make changes to the content of the questions or the intent of the forms, even though it may be necessary to temporarily "unprotect" a document to adjust data entry fields.