Public Comment on CON Applications Subject to Administrative and Full Reviews

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How to comment on a CON application

The Department reviews comments on CON applications from interested stakeholders concerning the certificate of need review criteria: public need, character and competence of the operator, and financial feasibility. Comments concerning issues that are unrelated to these review criteria, such as zoning or historic preservation, are not considered. Anonymous comments will not be considered.

There are two ways to comment on a CON application:

  1. In writing

    You may submit written comments to either address below:

    • Bureau of Project Management
      Division of Planning and Licensure
      New York State Department of Health
      Room 1842 Corning Tower
      Albany, New York 12237

    Please identify the application in question by the project number and the facility name and provide a concise statement, limiting your comments to the relevant CON review criteria. Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments on applications as soon as possible. The Department makes every effort to consider comments on open applications until a determination has been made.

  2. In person

    If an application is subject to full review, which means it will be presented to the Public Health and Health Planning Council, you may testify before the Establishment and Project Review Committee of the Public Health and Health Planning Council, when the application in question is on the Committee's agenda.

    To determine if an application is on an upcoming agenda:

    Additionally, you may sign up for the CON Listserv, which will send an email notification each time a new Committee or Council agenda is posted to the Department's website. To sign up for the CON Listserv, please follow the instructions on this site:

    If you intend to present testimony at a Committee meeting, please contact:

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