Questions from Nursing Homes Applying to Enhance Vent Bed Services in New York City

In accordance with 10 NYCRR Section 709.17, how many additional vent beds has NYSDOH determined it will approve in New York City?

The projected need for the NYC Planning Area is 58 vent beds. This number may be modified by local need factors as established in the applications and updated information.

Has NYSDOH determined how many beds will be awarded in each county of New York City?

The number of vent beds needed was established for the NYC planning area, not by borough.

How many applications that were submitted for additional vent beds in New York City received the notice of competitive review letter from NYSDOH dated May 26, 2011?

A total of 18 applicants received the competitive review letter dated May 26, 2011. Subsequently, one additional applicant received a competitive review application letter.

What are the names of the applicants for additional vent beds in New York City that received the notice of competitive review letter from NYSDOH dated May 26, 2011?

One applicant, Workmen's Circle has withdrawn its application, therefore we are left with 18 active applicants.

  1. 021119-Kingsbridge Heights Rehab and Care Center
  2. 031039-Bronx Center for Rehab and Health Care, LLC
  3. 062217-Fieldstone Lodge Care Center
  4. 071126-Wayne Center for Nursing and Rehab
  5. 092166- Eastchester Rehab and Health Care Center
  6. 082176-Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care and Rehab, Inc
  7. 091021-Four Seasons Nursing and Rehab Center
  8. 091039-Palm Gardens Center for Nursing and Rehab
  9. 101016-Fort Tryon Center for Rehab and Nursing
  10. 002402-Lawrence Nursing Care Center, Inc
  11. 032384-Jamaica Hospital Nursing Home Company, Inc
  12. 062380-Cliffside Rehab and Residential Health Care Center
  13. 071010-Long Island Care Center, Inc
  14. 092002-Promenade Rehab and Health Care Center
  15. 092131-Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehab
  16. 101087-Dr. William O. Benenson Rehab Pavilion
  17. 111174-Sheepshead Nursing and Rehab Center
  18. 111070-Isabella Geriatric Center, Inc

If a facility currently has vent beds that were approved and constructed prior to the adoption of 10 NYCRR Section 713-4.5 and that facility has a CON application pending for additional ventilator dependent beds that will comply with 713-4.5, will the DOH require the previous beds to be reconstructed to avoid two standards of beds within the same facility?

The previously constructed beds must be brought up to the standards of 10 NYCRR Section 713-4.5 if the additional beds being requested as part of this competitive solicitation are part of the same unit or adjoining the unit of previously constructed beds. If the beds to be added are in a separate unit located in another part of the facility, then the previously constructed beds do not need to be reconstructed to comply with 713-4.5

Will the NYSDOH consider waivers of any elements of 10 NYCRR Section 713-4.5?

General compliance with 10 NYCRR Section 713-4.5 is expected. Waivers will be considered on a case by case basis.

How many applicants are competing or are anticipated to be competing?

A total of 18 applicants are currently competing.

Will applicants compete within their county only or with facilities in the entire NYC area?

NYC is considered the planning area for which need has been determined. Therefore applicants will be competing citywide.

Do any of the existing applicants currently have NO ventilator beds?

Yes, some applicants do not currently have ventilator beds

Do any of the existing applicants offer on-site dialysis as well as ventilator beds?


Will applicants who are selected be required to have upgraded electrical (EES), and piped in suction and oxygen?


What criteria will be used for selection? For example, is there a point system?

A scoring tool has been designed and it is based on a point system based on predetermined criteria, giving the department the ability to rank applications. Criteria include, but are not limited to, whether the applicant has an existing unit, has an effective weaning program, and environmental factors.

Should theCON schedule revisions show an adjustmentfor 2009 income based uponCURRENT legislation information or should we wait until the facility files RHCF-4 for 2010 which are due July 29?

Current available financial information should be used.

Is there a cap per bed construction cost to implementa vent bed?

The traditional RHCF capital cost bed caps apply to these projects. It is noted that the reimbursement recognition of costs for new construction consisting of simply dormitory space is limited to 50% of the applicable regional RHCF capital cost bed caps. Additionally, the Department may allow excess costs for the reasonable and necessary costs for piped in oxygen.

Is there a staffing allocation that the DOH recommends for a 20 Bed Unit?


What is the staffing ratio per vent patient?

None has been established

What is theper square foot ratio per Vent Bed?

This is not in code other than the requirement that adequate space be made available considering the additional space required by the ventilator.

Is there a limit for beds per floor for a Vent unit?


What is the total number of proposedVent beds being requested by applicants for NYC, please provide by county.

318 vent beds are being requested by active applicants for the NYC planning area.

What diagnoses are being considered to determine Ventilator dependency?

The number of hospital discharges in a planning area (NYC), with DRG 475, which is a respiratory diagnosis with ventilator support.