CFCO Advisory Group Service Analysis

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October 22, 2012

Service Analysis:


  • To address functional need for assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs):
    • Personal Care Assistance Program (SP)
    • CDPAP (SP)
    • Home Health Care (HHA) (SP)
    • PERS (SP)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment (SP)(must be used to increase independence or reduce need for human assistance)
    • In-Home support services - Supervision and Cueing (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP)
    • Adaptive Devices (OPWDD HCBS Waiver)
    • Assistive Devices (SP) (must be used to increase independence or reduce need for human assistance)
    • Questions/Issues
      • What will distinguish CFC Personal Care Services from CDPAP?
      • Does it make sense to offer the above services both inside CFC (SP) and discretely in the state plan and waivers?


  • To address functional need for assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs):
    • Nutritional services/Meals (SP)
    • Congregate/Home Delivered Meals (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP)
    • Home Maintenance (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP)
    • Assistive Technology (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP) (must be used to increase independence or reduce need for human assistance)
    • Adaptive Devices (OPWDD HCBS Waiver)
    • Questions/Issues
      • California added a meal voucher to its CFC Option. Is there anything we should consider that may be different than what we do now for meals or assistive/adaptive devices?

Health Related Tasks

  • To address health-related tasks:
    • Skilled Nursing (SP)(must be delegate-able to aide)
    • Questions/Issues
      • Nurse practice act exemption (CDPAP)
      • Extend to CFC Services? If so, which ones?
      • If not, what tasks can be delegated to aide without the exemption?

Acquisition, maintenance and enhancement of related skills

  • To address the acquisition, maintenance and enhancement of skills related to CFC Services:
    • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP)
    • Community Integration Counseling (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP)
    • Independent Living Skills Training (NHTD,TBI, LTHHCP)
    • Behavior Skills Training Services (OPWDD)
    • Skill Building Services (OMH)
    • Family Support Services (OMH)
    • Family Education and Training Services (OPWDD)
    • Questions/Issues
      • Are these appropriate services to meet the CFC Option goals of providing support to assist the recipient in living independently in his or home and community?
      • Are there others?

Back Up Mechanisms

  • To address back-up mechanisms:
    • PERS (SP)
    • Questions/Issues
      • Are there other services that could be considered to address backup mechanisms?
      • Should we expand the mechanism to include cell phones or other communication devices and if so what controls should be imposed (i.e. a cell phone programmed to dial 911 only)?

Portions Outside Scope

  • Services/Programs that would have to be divided up to remain in scope:
    • Habilitation (Day, Group, Community): includes transportation with certain services, clinical services, and protection/safeguard/oversight in addition to CFC eligible services (OPWDD)
    • Consolidated Supports and Services (OPWDD): individualized service plan with budget and fiscal management services
    • ICS (OPWDD): precursor to People First Waiver
    • Questions/Issues
      • Can program integrity be maintained if the CFC eligible services are provided through the CFC State Plan instead?
      • Will these programs be able to track CFC services and report them discretely to the State?
      • Impact on transition to managed care.