FAQs from the Lessons Learned Outreach Session

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FAQs from the 2021 Home Care Cost Report Initial Kickoff Webinar held on June 28, 2022
Topic: General
Q.1. When will we receive the 2020 rates?
A.1. The Department is currently in the process of finalizing the 2020 Medicaid reimbursement rates and will reach out with more details in the upcoming months.
Q.2. What is the process for getting budgeted rates and who do we reach out to for more information?
A.2. For budgeted rate inquiries, please send an email to PersonalCare-Rates@health.ny.gov or CHHA-Rates@health.ny.gov.
Q.3. Will a copy of the presentation be provided to us for reference?
A.3. Yes, the recorded webinar and corresponding PDF will be made available in the web-based Tool within the "Instructions" tab under "Useful Links" on the right side of the screen. It can also be found on the Department's website under 'Home Care Cost Report Outreach Sessions.'
Q.4. Is it possible to get the General Questionnaire in Excel or Word format?
A.4. The questionnaire is available for download in Adobe PDF format; however, you may be able to download the PDF and then utilize an application to convert it to the desired format.
Q.5. If I have questions as I'm completing my cost report, should I contact my auditor from last year if I still have their contact information?
A.5. No, for any questions regarding the 2021 Home Care Cost Report, please refer to the FAQ tab in the Web-based Tool or send an inquiry to the KPMG Home Care mailbox (us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com).
Q.6. If I submit my cost report and I have error indicators and I am selected for audit, does that mean I will receive an audit finding?
A.6. If there are outstanding error indicators on your cost report and you are selected for audit, the audit team will review your cost report submission and supporting documentation to confirm whether there is a reporting error. If a reporting error is identified, it will result in an audit finding; however, you will be given the opportunity to correct the error during the audit process.
Web-based Tool
Q.7. Will the ability to upload the cost report as an Excel file be possible this year?
A.7. No, all data must be manually entered into the Web-based Tool and only cost reports completed within the Web-based Tool will be accepted; however, the agency will be able to upload Excel files used to help determine each Schedule's reporting to the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site as supporting documentation.
Q.8. Will we be able to gain access to the cost report to make changes if we submit it before the due date if we realize we need to make a change?
A.8. Once the cost report is submitted, you will not be able to make changes. If you submitted before the cost report due date and need to make a change, please send an inquiry to the KPMG Home Care mailbox (us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com). We will do our best to unlock your cost report timely so that you may make the necessary edits. Please note that after the September 20, 2022 deadline, cost report submissions will not be unlocked unless approved by the Department of Health.
Q.9. If I forget my username and/or password for the Web-based Tool, how I can recover it?
A.9. If you forget your password to the Tool, please select the "Forgot Password?" button on the Web-based Tool login page. You should then receive an email with the steps to reset your password. If you forgot your username, please send an inquiry to the KPMG Home Care mailbox (us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com) for assistance.
Q.10. If I did not fill out the Financial Reconciliation tab in the Web-based Tool during the cost report submission period and I am selected for audit, will I need to complete this tab?
A.10. Yes, agencies selected for audit will be required to complete the Financial Reconciliation tab. We will include the deadline by which this tab must be completed during the audit.
Cost Reporting
Q.11. Should bad debt be reported on Schedule 3?
A.11. No, bad debt expense should not be reported on Schedule 3 because Schedule 3 requires the reporting of costs only. Bad debt should be treated as an offset to revenue on your Financial Statements. As such, bad debt expense should not be reported on Schedule 3, but should be offset to revenue on Schedule 19.
Q.12. Are there any examples of a proper way to document the allocation methodology?
A.12. Yes, there are supporting documentation templates available in the web-based Tool within the "Instructions" tab under "Useful Links" on the right side of the screen. In the supporting documentation templates, you will find an "allocation" tab that has an example of allocation calculations and documentation.
Q.13. How should CHHA Episodic service statistics and revenue be reported?
A.13. CHHA episodic service statistics (i.e., patients and units of service) should be reported on Schedule 5a.2 of the cost report. Revenue received from the provision of CHHA episodic services should be reported under the Home Care service revenue section of Schedule 19, under the appropriate payor source row.
Q.14. Should "CARE Act" revenue be reported in row 007 'Other Government Programs' on Schedule 19?
A.14. Yes, "CARE Act" revenue can be reported within the 'Other Government Programs' row 007 on Schedule 19.
Q.15. If I am not sure how much I received in Workers' Recruitment and Retention (WR&R) revenue in the given cost report year, can I estimate it? If yes, how can I estimate it?
A.15. Yes, if you are not able to identify your WR&R rate add-on revenue, you may use the WR&R estimation approach provided by the Department to estimate your WR&R revenue as summarized below:
  1. Assume that the WR&R rate add-on percentage in 2021 was 4.56% of your agency's Medicaid reimbursement rate.
  2. Divide the reimbursement rate (dollar value) by 1.0456. Then, subtract that value from the reimbursement rate (dollar value) to arrive at the WR&R rate add-on dollar value.
  3. Multiply the WR&R add-on dollar value by the units of service provided in 2021 to arrive at the total WR&R revenue dollar amount for the year.
  4. If your agency provides multiple services (e.g., PC Level I and Nursing Supervision), then you will need to complete these steps for each service type and sum the total WR&R revenue dollar amounts.
Please note that this approach is also detailed on pages 7-8 of the Home Care Cost Report Instructions, along with an example, available under the "Useful Links" section of the Instructions tab in the web-based Tool. It can also be found on the Department's website under 'Home Care Cost Report Materials.'