FAQs from the Lessons Learned Outreach Session

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FAQs from the 2022 Home Care Cost Report Initial Kickoff Webinar held on September 13th, 2023
Q.1. If I have not received an Audit notification package yet, does that mean my agency wasn't selected by DOH for audit?
Once all auditees have been notified, the agencies that were not selected for audit will receive a notification from us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com letting them know that they have not been selected. You can anticipate this communication no later than October 15th.
Q.2. What is the link for the Home Care web-based Tool?
The Home Care Cost Report can be accessed at the following link: Home Care Dashboard (certisphere.com). Please select the "2022" option to access the 2022 cost report.
Q.3. How will you verify that auditees have viewed this webinar and met that requirement?
After today's session, your individual Audit Team will reach out to introduce themselves and will ask if you were able to attend today's live session. If you were not, they will direct you to the playback on the Web-based Tool, in the "Useful Links" section.
Q.4. During the presentation, KPMG and DOH indicated that agencies should complete the following four steps before beginning audit procedures:
  1. Review Documentation Request tab and confirm all supporting documentation files have been provided
  2. Submit the "Agency Representation" tab of the Tool
  3. Complete the "Financial Reconciliation" tab of the Tool
  4. Enter contact information in the "Contact Information" tab
If an agency has not been selected for audit, do they still have to complete these items?
The first three steps should have been completed when your 2022 Cost Report was submitted (Document Request tab, Agency Representation tab, and Financial Reconciliation tab). However, if these actions were not yet completed, we request that they still be completed regardless of whether the agency has been selected for audit.
Q.5. When is the deadline to complete the four steps outlined in question 4 above?
The first three steps should have been completed shortly after 2022 Cost Report was submitted (Document Request tab, Agency Representation tab, & Financial Reconciliation tab). However, if these actions were not yet completed, we request that all four be completed as soon as possible, as they are critical to begin the audit procedures.
Q.6. Will the Audit Kickoff presentation be available online as a PDF after the session?
Yes, today's Kickoff presentation will be made available at the DOH website: Home Care Cost Report (ny.gov) and within the Web-based Tool, "Useful Links" section.
Q.7. What will the cost report data be used for?
Schedules 3, 4, 5, and 7 of the 2022 Home Care Cost Report will be used by the Department to set Medicaid Fee For Service Home Care 2024 Rates. The full cost report will be used for analytical purposes by the Department.
Audit Process
Q.8. What criteria does DOH use to select agencies for audit procedures?
All audit selections are made by DOH for each audit cycle. DOH considers various criteria when selecting agencies for audit. The Department's goal is to audit every Home Care agency, but this will take time given the large number of providers.
Q.9. If I have multiple agencies that were selected for audit, will they be audited by the same audit team? Will the team be the same if we were audited in the past?
We attempt to assign prior auditees to the same Auditors from past years. Please send an email to the mailbox us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com if you operate multiple agencies that were selected for audit, and we can help ensure we have assigned the same Auditors, assuming they are available.
Q.10. Do agencies need to check the Tool daily (or several times a day) for audit items to stay on top of the tight three-day response turnaround timeline?
We understand that a three-day turnaround can be a quick response requirement depending on the nature of the question or request. This is the standard turnaround timeframe; however, there are certain times in the Audit timeline where more time is allotted, such as time to prepare the field audit documentation and process Cost Report adjustments. You can also work with your individual audit teams if there are any concerns regarding the timeline and request.
Q.11. Is it too late to opt into the supporting documentation pilot program?
Please send an email to the us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com mailbox indicating that your agency would like to opt in, and we will do our best to add you at this time.
Q.12. Is the Home Care Cost Report required to be submitted by an agency that Is NOT contracted or subcontracted with Medicare/Medicaid services?
No, an agency that did not provide Medicaid CHHA, Personal Care, or CDPAP home care services in 2022 is not required to submit a 2022 Home Care Cost Report.
Q.13. Will we be notified via email when an audit request is posted in the Tool, or are we expected to check the Tool daily?
An automatic email notification will be sent to the contacts listed in the 'Contact Information' tab of the Tool whenever a question is posted by KPMG. The email will come from no-reply@avii.com.
Q.14. Should the financial reconciliation tab be completed based on the agency's fiscal year (if applicable) or on a calendar year basis to match the cost report submission?
The "Financial Reconciliation" tab should be completed based on the calendar year, similar to the cost report submission itself. If the agency's fiscal year differs from the calendar year, the agency may use a Trial Balance or General Ledger to complete the Financial reconciliation, instead of Financial Statements.