G. Provider Termination of Waiver Services to an Individual Waiver Participant

An approved waiver provider may choose to no longer serve an individual waiver participant by sending a letter to the waiver participant, the participant's SC and the RRDS at least ten (10) calendar days prior to stopping the provision of service(s). The letter must be sent via certified mail or delivered directly to the participant. The reasons for terminating services must be included (e.g. inability to meet participant's service needs, staff safety or loss of staff).

The letter must advise the participant to contact his/her SC for assistance with selecting another approved waiver provider.

The current provider must follow the Change of Provider Process (refer to Section V – The Service Plan).

When the service being stopped is Service Coordination, the participant must be directed to contact the RRDS for assistance in selecting another approved Service Coordination provider. The RRDS will oversee the process for transitioning to a new SC. In addition, the RRDS must assure that all applicable documents (e.g. ISP, current SP, evaluations, PRI/SCREEN, ISRs, Detailed Plans, etc.) are transferred from the current Service Coordinator to the new SC.

Licensed professionals and/or provider agencies may have other standards or regulations that dictate procedures they must follow in stopping services to an individual. This waiver policy is not intended to override or replace those standards or regulations.