Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC)

The NHTD waiver contracts with RRDCs, located in nine (9) designated regions across New York State (refer to Section XIII - RRDC Regions map).

Each RRDC administers the NHTD waiver program initiatives at the regional level under the direction of the DOH Waiver Management staff (DOH WMS). The RRDC is responsible for managing the waiver with an emphasis on ensuring participant choice, availability of waiver service providers, and cost effectiveness of waiver services within its contracted region.

Qualifications of the RRDC

The RRDC must:

  • Be a non-profit organization or agency capable of supporting the work of the RRDS, Nurse Evaluator (NE), and the philosophy of the waiver;
  • Be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Medicaid confidentiality compliant to assure the privacy of all waiver participants;
  • Have expertise working with individuals with disabilities and seniors, and be able to demonstrate commitment to integrated community-based services to these individuals, their family members and other informal supports; and
  • Possess extensive knowledge of providers of community based long term services in the geographic area they serve, financially stability and organizational capacity to administer RRDC responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of the RRDC

The RRDC will:

  • Employ an RRDS, NE and other staff who meet the qualifications and experience specified in its contract;
  • Function as an initial point-of-contact for potential applicants, their families, legal guardians, and/or authorized representatives;
  • Administer the day-to-day activities of the waiver and make recommendations based on such activities to DOH for improvements to NHTD waiver policies and procedures;
  • Develop and maintain waiver resources and supports in the contracted region;
  • Not provide any NHTD waiver services;
  • Manage the Service Plan (SP) review process, regional budgeting requirements, and other monitoring functions using a database compatible with DOH needs;
  • Maintain a database to ensure efficient management of the Service Plan review process, regional budgeting requirements and other information determined by DOH;
  • Maintain participant Application Packets, SPs, reports and other required documentation as specified by the NHTD waiver and in a manner consistent with State standards for e-file transfers and information sharing;
  • Develop collaborative relationships with regionally based stakeholders including Local Departments of Social Services (LDSS) and other local government entities, providers, advocacy organizations and others necessary to assure a comprehensive coordinated approach to the targeted population;
  • Reduce the incidence of unnecessary institutionalization through:
    • Transition: Assisting eligible individuals currently living in nursing homes to move to appropriate community-based settings.
    • Diversion: Preventing in-state and out-of-state facility placements through individual and systems advocacy and the development of needed supports for eligible individuals.
    • Repatriation: Assisting individuals who have been in out-of-state facilities return home to New York State.
  • Cooperate with State and Federal audits; and
  • Manage other roles and responsibilities as defined by DOH and supported by the RRDC contract with DOH.