Section V: The Service Plan


The Service Plan is a document where vital information about the applicant/participant's personal and medical history, lifestyle choices, strengths, and limitations, and service needs are gathered and maintained for access by the participant, waiver providers and other entities of the NHTD waiver. The Service Plan is a reflection of the individual's wishes focusing on maintaining his/her health and welfare in the community. The Service Plan is ever changing as the needs and wishes of the individual evolve.

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Service Plans
    1. Initial Service Plan (ISP)
    2. Revised Service Plan (RSP)
    3. Addendum to the Service Plan
  2. Insurance, Resources and Funding Information Sheet
  3. Plan for Protective Oversight (PPO)
  4. Development of the ISP
  5. Coordination of Non-Waiver Services
  6. Scheduling of Waiver Services
  7. Submission of the Application Packet and ISP
  8. Review and Determination Process for the ISP
  9. Waiver Contact List
  10. Implementation of the Approved Service Plan
  11. Ongoing Review of the Service Plan
  12. Development of the Addendum
  13. Submission of the Addendum
  14. Review and Approval Process for the Addendum
  15. Development of the RSP
  16. Delinquent Individual Service Reports (ISR) From Waiver Service Providers
  17. Submission of the RSP
  18. Delinquent Submission of the RSP by the SC
    1. Late Letter
    2. Vendor Hold
    3. Pending Provider Disenrollment
    4. Provider Disenrollment
  19. Review and Approval Process for RSP
  20. Process for Changing a Provider
    1. Participant Request
    2. Provider Request
    3. As a Result of Staff Leaving
    4. Establishing the Date of Termination
  21. Transferring Regions