I. Waiver Contact List

The SC will provide to each participant a Waiver Contact List (refer to Appendix C - form C.6), containing a current listing of his/her waiver service providers as listed in the ISP. This list includes the services provided, names of the provider agencies, names of the persons providing the services and their phone numbers, names of their supervisor, and the supervisor's phone number. Also included is contact information for the RRDS, QMS and NHTD Complaint Line.

Waiver Service Providers are responsible for contacting the SC when contact information pertinent to the participant changes. The SC provides a copy of the updated list of services and phone numbers to the participant and to all waiver service providers listed in the ISP.

The SC retains a copy of the most updated contact list in the participant's file.

This process must be repeated each time a new waiver service is started and when there is a permanent change in the person providing the service or provider agency; with the submission of a Revised Service Plan; or at the time of submission of an Addendum. The SC must review the Contact List to assure it is correct and up-to-date. If changes are warranted, the SC will make needed updates and redistribute the contact list.