N. Review and Approval Process for the Addendum

The RRDS must review the Addendum to determine the need for changes in the service(s). If the Addendum increases the daily rate of the Service Plan to exceed $300/day, the Addendum must be reviewed by the QMS. The QMS sends recommendations back to the RRDS within three (3) business days.

The RRDS will complete the RRDS Addendum Review form (refer to Appendix B - form B.12). Upon determination on the Addendum, the RRDS will distribute the appropriate NOD (refer to Appendix B - forms NOD.1 to NOD.9) to the participant and other entities listed on the NOD form. The six (6) month approval period of the Service Plan remains in effect.

If an Addendum to the Service Plan is denied by the RRDS, the SC must work with the participant to find an alternative solution, if possible. Technical assistance from the RRDS may be requested at any time.

A copy of the Addendum is provided to the participant and waiver service providers involved in the change.