Q. Submission of the RSP

The SC must submit the completed RSP packet to the RRDS for review. The RSP packet includes the RSP and the following:

  • Written verification from the Medicaid Eligibility Verification System (MEVS) regarding the participant's Medicaid status;
  • PRI/SCREEN (a copy), if due;
  • ISRs from all appropriate waiver service providers;
  • Provider Selection forms (if applicable);
  • Documentation of reauthorizations/re-approvals of pertinent non-waiver services;
  • Plan of Protective Oversight (PPO) - newly written and signed;
  • Insurance, Resources and Funding Information Sheet completed and signed;
  • Waiver Participant Rights and Responsibilities form, completed annually; and
  • Description and Cost Projection forms and HCSS Assessment (if applicable)