Peer Mentoring


Peer Mentoring is an individually designed service intended to improve the waiver participant's self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and ability to access needed services, goods, and opportunities in the community. This is to be accomplished through education, teaching, instruction, information sharing, and self-advocacy training.

The service is based on the belief that often people with disabilities who are struggling to regain a self satisfying life may best benefit from relating to another person with a disability who has been successful in this effort. Since there maybe attitudinal and physical barriers placed in the way of individuals with disabilities, a Peer Mentor is able to examine these barriers and assist the waiver participant to overcome them. This service is not intended to meet the waiver participant's needs for a mental health professional's services, which may be necessary due either to a condition which existed prior to the onset of the disabilities or which may have occurred following the onset of the disability. The provider of this service should develop an ongoing relationship with a local provider of mental health services for mutual training, and when appropriate, referral by one entity to the other to assure that waiver participants receive the most appropriate services. The supervisor of the Peer Mentoring service is responsible for assuring that this service is used within the limits described above.

A waiver participant may receive this service as well as CIC or other mental health services as long as the need for both is clearly documented in the Service Plan. This service is provided on an individual basis and specific goals must be established for the individual. Peer Mentoring will primarily be available to waiver participants who have recently transitioned into the community from a nursing home or as needed during times of crisis.

Provider Qualifications

Peer Mentoring may be provided by any not-for-profit or for profit health and human services agency. Persons providing Peer Mentoring must have:

  • a significant physical or cognitive disability;
  • successfully demonstrated the ability to maintain a productive life in the community; and
  • at least one (1) year of paid or unpaid experience providing peer mentoring.


Peer Mentoring must be provided by a DOH approved provider and must be included in the SP to be reimbursed.

Peer Mentoring is provided on an individual, face to face visit on a hourly basis. Participation in Team Meetings is reimbursed at the hourly rate for this service.